The BD Finder 95 Jerkbait is a Floating Jerkbait.


The BD 95 is a lure suitable for extreme conditions. It is a versatile lure that can be used in winter, with extremely cold waters, and in summer when the temperature of the water increases dramatically. It is particularly effective also in crowded fishing spots. All these conditions make the predator particularly apathetic. The floating action helps the angler to keep the lure in the strike zone longer, using it between rocks limiting the risk of stranding. Thanks to the large lip you can easily reach the desired fishing depth. During the retrieval the main feature of the BD 95 is a "tight swimming" action; another feature is the exclusive rolling due to the Molix's internal arrangement of weights. D.L.S. (Dynamic Load System) that improves the casting distance and shakes the bait keeping it stable on the its axis even with fast retrievals. This last feature allows the use of this lure even in trolling. This bait is made with quality materials, components, and colors which completes this particular bait with which you can fish all year long both in fresh and salt water.


Length 3.3/4 in | Weight 7/16 oz
Depth Range 8 to 11.5 feet



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