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The BD Crankbait is a great deep-diver. The BD Crankbait can deflect off cover and really digs down to get to bigger fish.

The BD Crankbait gives you a finely-tuned bait, razor-sharp Kitana hooks, and an incredibly durable lip. All right out of the box. Lure fish in hard to reach depths with an erratic wiggle they find irresistible. BD Baits is the only line of lures having true tournament quality Kitana Hooks and Split Rings right out of the box and state of the art quality lure materials and design.

Arm yourself with 8 different colors and 8', 12', and 16' dive depths. The longer your rod the farther the BD Crankbait can go. You'll cover more water in less time with 10-12lb fluorocarbon line. Fish this bait on rocky flats and areas where baitfish are staging.

Great finishes, pro-level baits, split rings, tuned right out of the package. Spend less time tooling up and more time fishing!

Features of the BD Crankbait

  • Deep-diving bait with 3 dive depths to choose
  • 8 life-like colors
  • Tournament-ready Kitana Hooks included
  • Durable lip