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Take one cast with the BD Frog and you'll see why many other people find it insanely fun. There's nothing like fishing the weeds and slop and nothing like the surprise and violence of a big bass crashing through the thick stuff to eat the BD Frog.

Using the BD Frog is combat fishing at its finest. Skate it over slop, weeds, and other vegetation. Work it around openings and edges and be ready as you do. The biggest bass around will thunder through anything to get to it.

The BD Frog uses a super soft plastic body. It collapses on strikes, ensuring a solid, consistent hook-up. All while remaining weedless as it navigates over matted vegetation.

The unique "bass boat" belly allows the BD Frog to move over water in a "walk-the-dog" fashion easily.

Available in 55mm, 65mm, and 75mm sizes and 8 proven colors. A popper version is also available with deadly results for predator fish.

BD Baits is the only line of lures with true tournament-quality Kitana Hooks and Split Rings right out of the box and state of the art quality lure materials and design.

Features of the BD Frog

  • Weedless design meant for crashing through slop
  • Soft, collapsible body guarantees hook-ups
  • Razor-sharp Kitana Hooks and Split Rings included
  • Unique "bass boat belly" design
  • Can walk-the-dog in open water
  • 3 sizes: 55mm, 65mm, and 75mm
  • 8 colors
  • Popper model also available