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The unique design and weight of BD Popper create a natural sounding "plop" as it enters the water. Whether it�s steadily chugged or quickly burned, the double-shot rattle and cupped mouth work together to create a substantial disturbance on the surface. The BD Popper knows how to make some noise!

Chug it, walk it, or spit it around schooling bass.

Use the BD Popper when the topwater bites are coming hot and heavy but the water temperature is cold in the late spring, early summer, and early fall.

A mandatory bait for any tackle box, use it in shallow points, around dock pylons, and along deep rip-rap banks.

Available in 2.2" (60mm), 3" (70mm), and 3.2" (80mm) sizes and five proven colors. The BD Popper is an affordable bait with great action, great pop, and a great size.

BD Baits is the only line of lures with true tournament-quality Kitana� Hooks and Split Rings right out of the box and state of the art quality lure materials and design.

Features of the BD Popper:

  • Cupped-mouth design and rattle make substantial noise
  • Available in 60mm, 70mm, and 80mm sizes
  • Comes in 5 colors
  • Kitana� Hooks and Split Rings included