BD Soft Squarebill


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BD Squarebill crankbaits let you crash thick, shallow cover. Rip it out of grass, crank it over rocks, or just burn it over open water. The BD Squarebill crankbait will dive 3-4 feet. They feature a fast wobbling action that mimics deflection. It's perfect for generating violent reaction strikes.

The BD Squarebill comes in four sizes and 8 great colors. The paintwork on BD Baits make this a great value. The bigger the size, the bigger the catch! You can use it in the Carolinas, up north, and the west coast. No longer are crankbaits just for the Tennessee River!

BD Baits is the only line of lures having true tournament quality Kitana� Hooks and Split Rings right out of the box and state of the art quality lure materials and design.

Features of the BD Squarebill

  • Use it through thick, shallow cover
  • Dives 3-4 feet
  • 4 sizes and 8 color choices
  • Comes with Kitana� Hooks out of the box
  • Fast, wobbling action
  • Fish it nearly anywhere