Jacob Wheeler Joins Duckett Fishing’s Famed Pro Staff

Jacob Wheeler, number one angler in Bass Fans World rankings, welcomed 2019 as the newest member of the Duckett Fishing Pro Staff. Under his contract, Wheeler will fish exclusively with Duckett Fishing products.

“Jacob’s talents are undeniable, and the fact that he chooses to fish with us is an honor,” stated Boyd Duckett, owner of Duckett Fishing. “He can resonate with aspiring anglers, providing them with a role model for exceptional fishing techniques.”

Wheeler’s success as an angler stems from his distinctive techniques, which perfectly align with Duckett Fishing’s “Pro-Driven” philosophy. As an angler-owned and angler-driven company, Duckett Fishing leads the design of each of its products with technique, not price and style like other manufacturers.

“Duckett’s rods and reels have a great reputation for quality,” said Wheeler. “Being a Pro-Driven company, these folks do this day in and day out. I can count on the fact they will always have a rod to fit my needs.”

In Spring 2019, Duckett Fishing and Wheeler will release to the public a new series of “Jacob Wheeler” rods and reels. The new line has been developed directly by Wheeler to match and support his style of fishing.

“Since I started to fish professionally, it has been a dream of mine to design a group of rods,” said Wheeler. “Designing my own series has given me the opportunity to create something specific that supports the right actions for everything I do, and now other anglers will have the opportunity to experience those same things on their rods.”