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The BD Subtle Tail comes in packs of 6.

The Subtle Tail is a soft swim-bait poured with a high-density silicon mix which gives stability and a lifelike action especially on a slow retrieve. Equally adapted for fresh and saltwater predators.

The BD Real Thing Shad comes in packs of 5.

The special design imitates the shape of a tiny forage fish which will trigger the predatory instinct of lazy and suspicious predators. The dynamic profile shape and the bulky paddle give it an original and realistic movement and stability while using it with different rigs.

Comes in pro-driven color combinations that eliminate the guesswork and result in more fish.

Coupled with its three-jointed swimbait design, the BD Shad mimics varieties of shad and baitfish. You can cast it in hundreds of fisheries across the US and reel in results.

Each finish is beautifully painted. And when we're done with that, we finish the finish. The result is a long-lasting, hard-hitting swimbait.