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BD Baits have been designed and tested by MLF/ BPT angler and Bassmaster Classic Champion Boyd Duckett!


BD Baits have true tournament quality Kitana Hooks and Split Rings right out of the box with state of the art quality lure materials and design.


BD Baits offer pro-driven color combinations that eliminate the guesswork and result in more fish.


The BD Baits Topwater combines a "walk the dog" retrieve with the splashing ability of a popper.


The BD Topwater features a slim, tapered body. It's this design that delivers quiet landings with a unique action. It focuses big bass' attention to the surface with its swaggering action. Coupled with an internal rattle and splash, you'll be landing the biggest bass in the lake.

Walking Baits

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BD T105 T120

BD 110 Super Sound

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