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BD Poppers deliver a perfectly balanced surface disturbance that infuriates and intrigues bass to the point of  attack. From the moment it hits the water, the BD Popper grabs the attention of fish with a high level of splashing  and chugging attraction that is enhanced by internal double shot rattle.

The Sneaky Frog EVO perfectly combines the strengths of a "frog bait" with the strengths of a topwater bait. Designed to be used as a Walking the Dog lure or to be skipped around cover. The body shape and the hidden weight helps the action and gives it perfect overall balance. The heavy duty inclined double hook gives improved hookset performance. A captivating and realistic design is guaranteed by the “natural skin” effect on the body and by the 3D scale pattern.

Length 3.1/2 in
Weight 7/8 oz

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